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Asa Sackman Diary Number 8, 1862

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Asa Sackman Diary Number 8, 1862
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Sackman, Asa
This diary continues on June 26, "at Meadow Bluffs" (most likely Dietz Farm). Sackman is sick several times but on the 29th he and others gather strawberries in the rain. Confederate "deserters" surrender and say the hills are full of deserters. The camp celebrates Independence Day (July 4) by firing the cannon; the sutler receives five loads of goods; and on the 10th scouts go out. On the 11th members of the 47th Regiment follow as reinforcements; and on the 12th they return with prisoners and the news that rebels are right across the river. The sentences of a court martial include dishonorable discharge for Patrick Hart of Company A of the 44th Infantry (Sackman's regiment), and hard labor for a cavalryman for desertion. On the 16th they start to build a new camp with the help of prisoners, since theirs is in the middle of a swamp and they feel it's unhealthy. On the 21st companies from each regiment (Ohio 44th, 36th, and 47; Virginia 9th) go scouting. Sackman continues to pick and sell berries and remarks on the poor health of his comrades. A man dies daily at the hospital, and Sackman attributes one death to a punishment march with a knapsack full of rocks. The diary ends on August 2 with an order to pack three days' rations and be ready to march.
American Independence Day; American Civil War medicine; Desertion in the Civil War; American Civil War; United States Army, Ohio Regiment, 44th, Company G; Ohio Volunteers, Civil War; American Civil War weather conditions; American Civil War soldier life; Dress parades; American Civil War drills; American Civil War casualties; Civil War food; Civil War camp inspections; American Civil War foraging; American Civil War civilian life; S. J. Harrison; Major Anderson; United States Army, Ohio Regiment, 47th; Patrick Hart; Dishonorable discharges; Civil War military trials; 9th Virginia Volunteer Infantry Regiment; United States Army, Ohio Regiment, 36th; William Robbins; Punishment details
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