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The Arrival

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The Arrival & Roots: a Retrospective
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Unarius Academy of Science
Created by the Unarius Academy of Science, this video was part of Unarius' past-life therapy program in which members re-enacted previous incarnations of themselves. In "The Arrival," Zan, a primitive human, encounters a spaceship and converses with Space Brothers. These space beings explain that in a past life, Zan and other humans destroyed a planet and killed millions of space beings. As punishment, humans were banished to Lemuria, but through good deeds and past-life therapy, humans will one day be able to join the Interplanetary Confederation again. This video also includes a retrospective that includes interviews with some of the actors as well as other Unarius students.
Ruth Norman; Uriel; reincarnation; Space Brothers; Unarius; past-life therapy
California - El Cajon
  • Spirit Lab: New Religious Thought in the Golden State.
Unarius Academy of Science
82 minutes
2.59 GB