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  • John and Jane Adams Postcard Collection

Walk in Westmoreland Place, Los Angeles

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Walk in Westmoreland Place, looking toward the Bryan Home, Los Angeles, California
circa 1911
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A sidewalk passes between a stone wall with ivy and flower beds, with part of a street on the right. In the distance on the horizon are two houses, the larger of the two in about the center of the card past an intersection. The home referenced is the larger of the two, designed by Charles Whittlesey and belonging to E. P. Bryan. Westmoreland Place was a one-block long gated community in Pasadena. The publisher's number on the back of this divided, German-made card is 4566. Another number is in the right lower corner of the back: 52920.
Pasadena; Gated communties; Westmoreland Place; E. P. Bryan home; Charles Whittlesey
41 Westmoreland Place
California - Pasadena
  • John and Jane Adams Postcard Collection
M. Rieder, Los Angeles, California
3.5 inches X 5.5 inches
  • San Diego State University Library and Information Access, Special Collections and University Archives
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