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  • John and Jane Adams Postcard Collection

Pickwick Hotel, San Diego, California

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Picture postcard of Pickwick Hotel with Greyhound Bus Depot, San Diego, California
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The Pickwick Hotel was constructed in 1926 as the Pickwick Stage Terminal and Hotel, opening in May 1927. It was part of a "stage line" that was nationwide and that built hotels in connection with their passenger service. In 1927 two more towers were added (see San Diego History Center #6977, the hotel under construction), opening in 1928. Started in 1915, at one time the Pickwick Stage Lines was one of the three largest passenger carriers in the US. In 1929 the passenger service merged with Greyhound, but the hotel name of Pickwick stayed the same. A Pickwick Stage from 1926 can be seen in San Diego History Center photograph #7568, and by 1929 the vehicles had evolved to the form of a bus (photograph #6756). One type of vehicle in between can be seen in this collection as PC-000-536. In 1950 the Greyhound operation expands to both ground floors of the Pickwick. The hotel was renovated and renamed the Sofia Hotel in 2006. See also photograph of "Pickwick Hotel & Greyhound Bus" labelled #SENSOR 33-15 for large Greyhound sign.
Pickwick Hotel; Sofia Hotel; Pickwick Stage System; Pickwick Stage Terminal; San Diego; Greyhound Lines
132 West Broadway
California - San Diego
  • John and Jane Adams Postcard Collection
Frye & Smith, Ltd., San Diego, California, US
3.5 inches x 5.5 inches
San Diego History Center photograph #8325 (1926, no radio towers); Journal of San Diego History July 1957, v3 #3, James Reading, "The San Diego and Escondido Stage"; PC-000-536; San Diego Historical Society "Times," XXXXVI #2 Spring 2007
[superimposed on the photograph at top left in white letters]
Pickwick Hotel

[visible on various signs in photograph]
Greyhound Bus Depot
Pickwick Hotel
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  • San Diego State University Library and Information Access, Special Collections and University Archives
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