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  • Thomas M. Davies, Jr. Papers and Lecture

Affidavit for political asylum for a Chilean, 2003

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Affidavit supporting political asylum for a Chilean, 2003
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Davies, Thomas M., Jr. and Adele Davies
Davies is "submitting this sworn statement [to an United States Immigration Court] in support of the application of Marco XXXX for withholding of removal and protection under the Torture Convention." He presents his credentials as an expert witness in Latin-American culture and terrorism, serving "as an expert witness in ... political asylum cases," including "on behalf of 42 homosexual/transsexual males and females, all from Latin America." The details of this case of a transsexual transvestite begin at paragraph 27.
Political asylum; LGBTQ rights; LGBTQ issues; Human rights; Civil rights; LGBTQ immigrants; Latinxs; United States immigration courts; Genderism; Homophobia; Expert witnesses; Latin American culture; Sexual minority political refugees; Transgender rights; Trans-immigrant community; Transphobia; Transsexuals; Transgender people--violence against; Transvestites
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  • Thomas M. Davies, Jr. Papers and Lecture
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