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  • World War II Servicemen's Correspondence Collection, 1941-1945

Letter from Robert H. Anderson, 1942

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Letter from Robert H. Anderson, 1942
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Anderson, Robert H.
Anderson writes on a stenographic notebook page that he is getting a promotion. He reports that Clair Berdel will be graduating, that "Milky" Phelps broke his arm in training, and gives addresses for Tom Milligan, Morris Kahan, and Harlan Torkelson (Tau Delta Chi). He mentions Don Owen (Tau Delta Chi) and Lieutenant Patterson and asks that he and Berdel be remembered to Robert Harwood.
Robert Anderson; Bob Anderson; Clair Berdel; Milton Phelps; Milky Phelps; Tom Milligan; Morris Kahan; Harlan Torkelson; Don Owen; United States Marine Corps; Pearl Harbor; Royal Air Force; Royal Canadian Air Force; RCAF; Military training
11001 D Street
Texas - Corpus Christi - Naval Air Station Corpus Christi
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  • World War II Servicemen's Correspondence Collection, 1941-1945
6 inches X 9 inches; 2 pages
A/C[Aviation Cadet] Robert H. Anderson
9th Batt. Bldg. 147
N. A. S. Corpus Christi, Tex.

October 27

Dear Dr. Post,

I just finished reading No 8.--needless to go into detail as to how much I enjoyed it. Thanks

I noticed you had me addressed as Ens.[Ensign] Thanks for the compliment, but as yet my day has not arrived. I'm all through training and am just awaiting my orders. When they come I'll graduate & get my wings. I may add another correction at this point. It'll be 2nd Lt.[Lieutenant] (R.H.A.) U.S.M.C.R. instead of Ens. Incidentally Clair Berdel is to be a Marine when he gets his wings too. His orders are here so I suppose his big day will be Friday of this week. Mine should come in a week or so at the most.

"Milky" Phelps fell a little behind me in training due to a broken arm received while running over our Commando course. Let me say here that the course is really a work out.

I have a few addresses to give you and a correction to make. I noticed in the "address edition" that Tom Milligan was in Pearl Harbor or somewhere there about[sic]. Ireceived[sic] a letter from him not long ago--hes[sic] in the Canadian R.A.F.--address--1580 TRAFALGAR

Morris Kahan, I know is in Texas,
address: Co. D 54th Med[ical T[raini]ng. B[attalio]n.
3rd Pl[a]t[oon]. U.S. Army
Camp Barkley, Texas

A/C Harlan Torkelson [Tau Delta Chi Greek letters] is in Texas: cadet squadron 106 flight "G"
Army Air Force Classification Center
San Antonio,

Dr. Post, leave out what seems necessary, but for gosh sakes let it be known that Berdel and Anderson are Marines. I hope 2nd Lt.[Lieutenant] Don Owen U.S.M.C.R. sees this! (Hes[sic] a [Tau Delta Chi Greek letters] too)--

In closing I say hello to all the gang--and best of luck! (I'm kinda[sic] sore at Lt.[Lieutenant] (J.G.) Patterson for not writing)

Thanks again Dr. Post,
Bob Anderson

P.S.- Tell Dr. Harwood hello from Berdel and me.
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