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  • World War II Servicemen's Correspondence Collection, 1941-1945

Letter from Earl L. Allison, 1942

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Letter from Earl L. Allison, 1942
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Allison, Earl L.
Allison thanks the editor not only for the newsletter but also for copies of the San Diego State newspaper, The Aztec. He mentions having been at a "replacement center" earlier, which was visited by several men from the school after he left. He reports that Bob Cozens is at Stockton Advanced School and gives the promotions of several Aztecs.
Earl Allison; Bob Cozens; Robert Cozens; T.S. Walker; Harry Bratt; Bill Goodchild; Eddie Searl; Edward Serel; Hal Hevener; Bill Chamberlin; Lionel Chase; Air Corps; United States Army Air Corps; United States Army Air Forces; Victorville Army Flying School
18374 Phantom Street
California - Victorville - Southern California Logistics Airport
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  • World War II Servicemen's Correspondence Collection, 1941-1945
7.25 X 10.5 inches; 2 pages
May 28
Dear "Doc" Post:
Your wonderful collection of letters from other fellows in the service was most welcome as have been copies of the Aztec. I left the replacement center early so I haven't been with any of the other State men in the air corps. Bill Goodchild, Eddie Serel, Bob Cozens, Hal Hevener, Bill Chamberlin + Lionel Chase came to the replacement center at the sametime[sic] or after I was there. Bob + I were in the same primary school but I haven't seen another State man since being in this army. The fellows I have come to know are really good men most of them from the middle west.

Heard today Bob Cozens is now at Stockton Advanced School. Don't you Aztecs slack up on writing those letters because they are oh so welcome. T.S. Walker (old timer Aztecs will remember him) is now a 2nd Lt. [Lieutenant] and so is Harry Bratt. Any cadet in 42-F will be a 2nd Lt. [Lieutenant] about June 20th so the long line of Aztecs in service keeps growing. Hello to you other guys fighting for our Uncle and some day we'll all meet over Tokyo for a reunion.

Well, keep up this swell mass letter "Doc" because it is really welcome.

A former Aztec
Avn [Aviation]/Cadet Earl Allison - 42-F
VAFS - AAB Barrack 4-10
Victorville, Calif.
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