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  • World War II Servicemen's Correspondence Collection, 1941-1945

Letter from Charles S. Alexander, 1942

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Letter from Charles S. Alexander, 1942
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Alexander, Charles S.
Alexander asks for the addresses of Clyde West and Doug Inman, stating that West had been in Alaska and Inman in Indiantown Gap, Pennsylvania. He writes that he has seen "Red" White and that Louie Estep is also in his area. He gives Estep's address in Trinidad.
Charles Alexander; Clyde West; Doug Inman; Red White; Louie Estep; Louis Estep
Virgin Islands - St. Thomas
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  • World War II Servicemen's Correspondence Collection, 1941-1945
8 inches X 10.25 inches; 2 pages
Oct. 16, 1942

Dear Doc Post;

I have been getting my copies of the Aztec News Letter regularly and to say that I enjoy them would be putting it mildly. Thanks a lot to you and your staff, its[sic] swell geting[sic] news of former Aztecs. Do you know the addresses of Clyde West and Doug Inman? The last time I heard from Clyde was in Alaska and Doug was in Indiantown Gap, Penn. Red White is the only Aztec I've seen in ten months, the only other one I know of in this region is Louie Estep. His address is, I believe, Ens.[Ensign] Louie Estep, U.S,N,R,[sic] U.S. Naval Section Base , Trinidad, B. W. I . Red and I get Together[sic] ocasionaly[sic] and tell each other how we will paint the old town red when we get back. The only town on this island, Charllot[e] Amalie, could stand a good coat of paint but its[sic] not worth the effort.

In passing I would like to point out that I am teaching myself to type so don't be alarmed if you see some odd combinations in punctuation and pecular[sic] spelling. The typewriter I'M[sic] using is rather strange if great care is not taken it also writes Sanskrit and Greek.

In geography 2 I learned that the Caribbean area was rather mild in climate, well when the temperature drops to seventy every one has to put on coats to keep from freezing.

The natives on this bee hive of inertia are about 99% negros[sic], the language is English, but I defy any one to understand it.

Well, the 6th. copy just arrived(Aztec News Letter) and I am writing you a letter. Belay the request for Doug's address. Maybe some of the fellows know where West is. I hope,I owe him a letter. Well, Doc my fingers are getting sore from pounding this typewriter so I'll call it a day. Keep sending those letters, they'er[sic] swell.

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