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  • World War II Servicemen's Correspondence Collection, 1941-1945

Letter from Edwin F. Barker, Jr., 1942

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Letter from Edwin F. Barker, Jr., 1942
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Barker, Edwin F., Jr.
Barker received a letter from Jack Vogel at Annapolis saying that Stephen Thornton is in San Diego. He comments on the weather, giving details about the drastic changes in temperature and precipitation in a few hours.
Edwin Barker, Jr.; Ed F. Barker, Jr.; Ed Barker, Jr.; Bob Barker, Jr.; E.F. Barker; Jack Vogel; Stephen D. Thornton; Stephen Thornton; Military training; United States Navy; United States Naval Reserve
New Hampshire - Hanover - Dartmouth College
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  • World War II Servicemen's Correspondence Collection, 1941-1945
7.25 inches X 10.5 inches; 2 pages
[return address from envelope stapled to top left corner]
Ens[ign] E.F. Barker USNR
007 Woodward Hall
N.T.S. [Naval Indoctrination Training School] Dartmouth
Hanover, N.H.

[United States Navy letterhead]

007 Woodward Hall
N.T.S. Dartmouth
Hanover, N.H.
December 29, 1942

Dear Dr. Post,

I received letter #10 today and I can't thank you enough. The last letter gave me some addresses I've been looking for for quite a while. By the way, Jack Vogel at Annapolis wrote me that Ens[ign]. Stephen D. Thornton is at Headquarters, Eleventh Naval District right in San Diego. I noticed when I was mail orderly that[sic] some other letters from you. There are no other Aztecs here.

The work is the same indoctrination others have told you all about so I'll dispense with that. The weather is the interesting feature. The natives say that if you don't like it, wait a minute and it will change. They're not kidding. One day at 10:00 it was raining to beat the band; at 12:00 the sun was shining nicely; at 13:00 we had a thunder storm from soup to nuts and at 14:00 it was snowing. The weekend before Christmas it was 28 below zero. Within a space of three hours it changed 60 degrees to 32 above. More fun, you never know whats[sic] coming next. We've been sloshing around in 6 inches of snow since Monday and its[sic] still snowing. How I wish I were back at State where the temperature is more to my liking. (Long underwear tickles).

Until the next time from a State Alumnus


Ensign Edwin F. Barker U.S.N.R. [United States Navy Reserve]
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