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  • World War II Servicemen's Correspondence Collection, 1941-1945

Letter from Joseph Avoyer, 1942

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Letter from Joseph Avoyer, 1942
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Avoyer, Joseph
The author is in his last week of training, requesting a change to his parent's address until he has a new one. He goes into some detail about the rigor of the cadets' eight-week training. He mentions fellow cadets: bandleader Orrin Tucker of "Oh Johnny" fame as well as his roommate who left a high-paying executive job. Unlike his roommate, Avoyer has his wife nearby.
Joe Avoyer; Orrin Tucker; Dan Showley; Military training; United States Navy
New York - Ithaca - Cornell University
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  • World War II Servicemen's Correspondence Collection, 1941-1945
7.25 inches X 10.25 inches; 2 pages
Naval Training School
Cornell U[niversity]
Ithaca, N[ew] Y[ork]
Aug. 24, 1942

[Cornell letterhead]

Dear "Doc":

I received your News Letter No. 5 and was happy to be brought so close again to the memories of State College. Before I go off on another tangent please let me inform you that this is my last week here and to send my next News Letter c/o [care of] 3680 Indiana St[reet], San Diego, Calif[ornia]. This is my parents[sic] address. They, in turn, will forward an correspondence until I have my next residence established.

Well, so much for that. Perhaps you're wondering just what I'm doing, tucked away up in the Finger Lakes region of Western N[ew] York? Actually, I'm attending an indoctrination school at Cornell U[niversity]. During a period of 8 weeks the Navy tries to make gentlemen, officers and tarzans out of us. The day here is long (4:45 A.M till 10 P.M., with no leave except 30 hours from Sat[urday] noon until Sunday night at 7:30 P.M) but you never have to worry about what to do! One little item that has strongly impressed me is the fact that we do as much marching as any soldier I ever knew. Par example: One of the boys in our company has a pedometer which registers the mileage he walks. Through the first month he (and include all of us) averaged 10 miles per day or 240 miles for August.

We have several distinguished personalities among which is a very nice lad. Perhaps you've heard of Orrin Tucker, the bandman who made "Oh Johnny" etc[sic], famous popular. He is a l[ieutenan]t (j[unior g[rade]). My roommate is a vice-president of one of the 3 largest lumber companies in the country. He gave up a job that paid $35,000 per year to answer the country's call. He is a lieut[enant], married, 2 children, 36 y[ea]rs. old.

I have had many interesting experiences and feel in top condition. Before leading San Diego I weighed 175. Friday, weighing in after a workout, I tipped the scales at 162.

My wife has been with me alon all the time. Due to rigid rules keeping me in my dormitory she has had to live in an ap[artmen]t in Ithaca, only about 1/2 mile away.

In closing, let me thank you again for placing me on your mailing list. Also please give my regards to D[octo]r Hepner & his wife. Until we meet again;

Smooth Sailing,

Joseph Avoyer
Ensign, U[nited] S[tates] N[avy] R[eserve]

P.S. An S[an] D[iego] State man who just came in: Ens[ign] Dan Showley.
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