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  • World War II San Diego State College Servicemen's Correspondence Collection, 1941-1945

Letter from Herman H. Addleson, 1942

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Letter from Herman H. Addleson, 1942
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Addleson, Herman H.
Private Addleson receives the Newsletter and Aztec and notes that Private Sol Schultz also sends his regards. He mentions Andy and Clarence. The note paper carries the Great Seal of the United States and drawings of military vehicles and equipment. Addleson was eventually killed in action or training.
Herman Addleson; Sol Schultz; C.E. Peterson; Walter Hepner; United States Army; United States Army 120th Infantry Division; KIA; Killed in Action; Andy and Clarence Randeques; Camp Blanding
5629 State Road 16 West Bldg 2300 Avenue A
Florida - Camp Blanding Joint Training Center
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  • World War II San Diego State College Servicemen's Correspondence Collection, 1941-1945
5.5 inches X 8.5 inches; 2 pages
Dear Doctor Post,
I receive the "Newsletter" and "aztec" paper at the same time. It is a very happy feeling to realize that my alma mater has such a wonderful philanthropic endeavor.

As I read the captions 1st L[ieutenan]t. & 2nd L[ieutenan]t, in the "Newsletter" I feel funny in writing and not being in the same class as they. Yet even as a "Buck Private" (with hopes of officer training) I feel that I am proud to serve my country, no matter how small or how large my rank may be. My admiration for all my college friends, who are serving in the highest ranks and may they continue to advance and end this conflict in safety.

Regardless of what the comments may be on being drafted you really have an opportunity in this army. It[sic] clean living and wholesome ideals and I'm for it 100%.

Thanks again Doc Post for your kindness and also give my regards to Andy and Clarence & tell them to drop me a line. (Boy Im[sic] sure far from home.)

By the way, Pvt.[Private] Sol Schultz is here & sends his regards.
Pvt.[Private] Herman Addleson
HQCo BN#2 120th Inf.[Infantry]
Camp Blanding
P.S. give my sincere regard to Dean C.E. Peterson and Pres. Hepner & thank them for their kindness.
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