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Asa Sackman Diary Number 9, 1862

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Asa Sackman Diary Number 9, 1862
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Sackman, Asa
Sackman's Company G, 44th Ohio Infantry Regiment leaves Meadow Bluff on August 3 for Blue Sulphur Springs and the Greenbrier River, where they engage the enemy, including a guerilla band. After the quartermaster dies on the 8th his body is returned for a described military funeral. An order to all men on the north side of the river to take the oath to the Union on pain of confiscation of property draws crowds into camp. A gun-cleaning accident kills someone named "Barier." On notice to be ready to leave, Sackman bakes "sweet cakes" to take. On the 15th they move to Hawk's Nest (Camp Anderson) before going to Camp Ewing (near Bowyer's Ferry, later called Sewell). Men blockade the Summersville Road, and on the 26th word comes that the 9th Virginia Regiment's train was captured and burned. As Sackman continues to cook and bake, Company K of the 44th blocks roads to Carnifex Ferry. On the 31st a telegraph wire to Gauley Bridge is installed. They leave on September 4 for Tompkins' Farm, where they build fortifications and pile brush under bridges ready to fire. They then deploy cannon at Miller's Ferry and fight at Gauley Bridge on the 11th. On the 12th they retreat to Camp Piatt, leaving on the 13th, burning salt works and Malden before reaching Charleston, where the Battle of Charleston begins, ending after dark. They retreat to the Ohio River and arrive at Point Pleasant September 18, where the diary ends on September 30.
American Civil War; United States Army, Ohio Regiment, 44th, Company G; Ohio Volunteers, Civil War; Camp Piatt; American Civil War weather conditions; American Civil War soldier life; Dress parades; American Civil War drills; American Civil War casualties; Civil War food; Civil War camp inspections; American Civil War civilian life; Captain Stow; Guerilla warfare; S. G. Harrison; Captain Woodard; Hawk's Nest; Camp Anderson (West Virginia); United States Army, Ohio Regiment, 47th; 9th West Virginia Infantry Regiment; Carnifex Ferry; Telegraph communication, Civil War; Tompkins' Farm; Garrett Taylor; Battle of Charleston; Lightburn's Retreat; Pawpaws; United States Army, Ohio Regiment, 34th; Albert Gallatin Jenkins; United States Army, Ohio Regiment, 37th; United States Army, Ohio Regiment, 40th; Colonel Edward Sieber; Colonel Edward Siber; Military funerals; Buffalo, West Virginia
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  • Asa Sackman Diaries
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