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Asa Sackman Diary Number 2, 1861-1862

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Asa Sackman Diary Number 2, 1861-1862
Sackman, Asa
The second Diary of Asa Sackman covers December 21, 1861 through January 29, 1862. He records camp life in tents while building their "winter quarters," mentions an arrest, his captain's attendance at a "negro wedding" along with "all the darkies in the camp," sale of horses, military drills and inspections, foraging, the visits of civilians needing "passes," deaths with a suicide. The weather becomes harsher with snow, rain, and winds, and their provisions are nearly washed away. Steamboats come frequently with supplies and other companies, but they have no stoves for heat until January 12. On January 22 he makes a brief note of the Expedition to Logan Court-House, when the 37th Regiment of Ohio Volunteers and some men of the 44th fought and won against occupying confederate forces and burned the town of Logan before abandoning it.
American Civil War; 44th Regiment Infantry, Company G; Ohio Volunteers, Civil War; Camp Platt; Charleston, West Virginia; American Civil War winter encampments; American Civil War weather conditions; American Civil War soldier life; American Civil War camp life; American Civil War casualties; Dress parades; American Civil War drills; African Americans in the Civil War; Civil War food; Civil War camp inspections; American Civil War raiding; American Civil War civilian life; Mark McDonald; John E. Harrison; Civil War soldier suicides; 26th Ohio Regiment; 37th Regiment of Ohio Volunteers Infantry; Logan Courthouse; Logan, West Virginia; Expedition to Logan Courthouse; Captain John M. Newkirk
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  • Asa Sackman Diaries
40 pages
MS-0404-01; MS-0404-03; MS-0404-06; MS-0404-07; MS-0404-08; MS-0404-09; Official Records of the War of the Rebellion Series 1, Volume 5, pages 501 to 503
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