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Asa Sackman Diary Number 3, 1862

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Asa Sackman Diary Number 3, 1862
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Sackman, Asa
In his third diary from January 30 through March 10 Sackman describes daily life in winter quarters for a soldier at Camp Piatt. After Emerson Alred from his company dies at the camp hospital, he and other soldiers make a coffin in which the body is shipped "home." He describes guard duty at Belle and Chesapeake (across the river), dress parades and inspections in all weathers, of which he keeps a detailed record, and the "awkward squad" drills. Telegrams bring news of casualties and victories of the Union, and men continue to die in the camp hospital. Confederate soldiers and sympathizers are called "seces" for "secessionists." One day they go to have their "miniatures" (photographs) taken. In February the news comes of the Battle of Roanoke Island, but Sackman notes it as part of South Carolina (instead of the correct North Carolina).
American Civil War; United States Army, Ohio Regiment, 44th, Company G; Ohio Volunteers, Civil War; Camp Piatt; American Civil War weather conditions; American Civil War soldier life; Dress parades; American Civil War drills; American Civil War casualties; Civil War food; Civil War camp inspections; American Civil War raiding; American Civil War civilian life; Belle, West Virginia; John E. Harrison; Captain John M. Newkirk; Mark McDonald; George Harrison; American Civil War photography; Battle of Fort Donelson; Marquis L. Hall; Emerson Alred; Augustus Datze, George Harrison; Alpheus S. Moore; Elihue Wolf; Battle of Roanoke Island
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