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  • Peoples Temple Collection (1972-1990)

Jones speaks about the Peoples Temple and the promised land, 1974

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Jim Jones speaks on what Peoples Temple has, and what the promised land will be, 1974
May 1974
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Warning: This audio contains obscenities.This sermon and request for donations to Peoples Temple took place in Los Angeles, presumably the Peoples Temple on Alvarado, shortly after members of the Symbionese Liberation Army (SLA) died in a shootout in Compton. Jones complains that the police and federal agents did not evacuate the neighborhood before the shooting started, constituting a "double standard" in their treatment of upper and lower classes. He begins with and further on reiterates that an attempt was made on his life just before the service in the form of a poisoned needle in his underwear. The tape has a number of stops and starts, with repetitions, but appears to be from a single service. He derides the "white" heaven and says, "You know the promised land has to be developed." He refers to "concentration camps" and other dangers he sees. He solicits money, starting at $1,000 and saying no one should make out a check to him personally. He claims several healings of members in the audience. He also discusses reincarnation and the "lies" in the King James Bible. While he sympathizes with those who meet violence with violence, he says he does not approve of the SLA's methods. The United States Federal Bureau of Investigation recovered this tape from Guyana as part of their investigation of the assassination of Congressman Leo Ryan, and their initial review of it was conducted in 1979. The sound files of the entire tape (side 1 at 45 minutes and 20 seconds, side 2 at 48 minutes and 8 seconds) are available on the Jonestown Institute's Web site, as are a transcript and summary provided, like the title of this item, by Fielding M. McGehee III.
Jonestown; Jim Jones; James Warren Jones; Assassination attempts; SLA; Symbionese Liberation Army; San Francisco Peoples Temple; Peoples Temple; Faith healing; Mayor Tom Bradley; Marceline LeTourneau; Flip Wilson; Rose Shelton; First Church, Oakland; J. Bruce Massey; Richard and Claire Janaro; Archie James; Cain and Abel; Medgar Evers; Kinsey Report; George Wallace; Martin Luther King; Ronald Reagan; Richard Nixon; George Hall; George McGovern; Randolph A. Hearst; Patricia Hearst; Angela Davis; Adolf Hitler; Japanese internment; Willie Brown; Donald Defreeze; R. G. Hatcher; Ted Kennedy; Nancy Reagan; Billy Graham; Charles Beikman; Charlie Touchette; Duke Ellington; Frank Sinatra; Sammy Davis, Jr.; Bert Bartel; Hal Perry; Marcus Foster; Wendell Wilkie; Federal Bureau of Investigation; FBI; Zebra murders; Audio; Cults
1366 South Alvarado Street
California - Los Angeles
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