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  • Peoples Temple Collection (1972-1990)

Jones declares himself as God, 1973

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Jones declares himself as God, 1973
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This is an excerpt from a one hour and 26 minute sermon recorded in the spring of 1973. A sound file of the full recorded sermon is linked to the Jonestown Institute Web site. "For some unexplained set of reasons I happen to be selected to be God," Jones begins, followed by applause, whistles, and music. The rest of this excerpt, dealing with this same theme, is punctuated with shouts, music, and applause. "I would tell you that your sun would go out if I ceased to exist," he continues. At just before seven minutes, another man begins singing, "no longer a vision, no longer a dream, you're real, real, real," and by eight minutes Jones has joined in. Speaking again, he alludes to a radio broadcast the day before. He says that capitalists run the United States, but he doesn't care, because "I am intending to run the country." The original tape was retrieved from Guyana by the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation as it looked into the assassination of Congressman Leo Ryan on November 18, 1978, with an initial review in 1979. The title here was provided by Fielding M. McGehee of the Jonestown Institute.
Jonestown; Peoples Temple; Jim Jones; James Warren Jones; Sermons; Cults
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  • Peoples Temple Collection (1972-1990)
  • Spirit Lab: New Religious Thought in the Golden State.
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