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  • Peoples Temple Collection (1972-1990)

Jones declares there is no God, 1973

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Jones declares there is no God, 1973
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Warning: This audio includes obscenities. This is an excerpt of a one-hour-25-minute recording of a sermon recorded in September of 1973, tape number Q1057 recovered by the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation from Jonestown, Guyana. It was originally reviewed as part of the FBI investigation into the murder of United States Congressman Leo J. Ryan. In it, Jones claims that he was shot three times and healed himself without a doctor's care. Thinking positively about Jones can cause healing and help to be given by him, which he calls "high faith" in him. Then he starts on his main theme: Job. "God did such a lousy job that he only created one man who was faithful: Job." He refers several times to how sleepy his congregation is. He talks about Job again and complains that God told the Devil to "do what he will" with him. He warns, "Don't quote me." He talks about other church sites, including "beautiful" apartments in Los Angeles. "I take care of my children. I'm a savior." "But what did God do with Job?" he asks, and condemns the "Sky God," claiming "There's no heaven up there. There has to be heaven down here." The MP3 of the original tape is provided by the Jonestown Institute on its Web site. Fielding M. McGehee of the Institute provided the title and caption here.
Jonestown; Peoples Temple; Jim Jones; James Warren Jones; Healing; Richard Nixon; Job; Dianne Feinstein; Faith healing; Cults
1859 Geary
California - San Francisco -Western Addition
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  • Peoples Temple Collection (1972-1990)
  • Spirit Lab: New Religious Thought in the Golden State.
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