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  • Peoples Temple Collection (1972-1990)

Jones discusses conspiracy in phone call with unknown caller, 1977

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Jim Jones discusses conspiracy in phone call with an unknown caller, 1977
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Warning: the conversation includes obscenities and graphic descriptions of torture. This is an excerpt of a recording of a telephone conversation between Jim Jones of the Peoples Temple (the louder voice) with an unknown person. The complete sound file on the Jonestown Institute site is 30 minutes and 31 seconds in length. In Fielding M. McGehee III's summary he dates the recording to "Late spring/early summer 1977." The original tape was recovered by the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation from Jonestown, Guyana and was reviewed as part of the investigation into the murder of United States Congressman Leo J. Ryan. Jones and the caller discuss various incidents that Jones describes as elements of one or more conspiracies, including an approach by a government official to Dennis Banks, the then leader of the American Indian Movement (AIM) whose cause the Temple espoused. A full transcript and summary by McGehee of the original full-length tape are provided on the Jonestown Institute's Web site. McGehee also provided the title of this item.
Jonestown; Peoples Temple; James Warren Jones; Jim Jones; Cults; Senator John C. Stennis; Congresswoman Sala Burton; Jack Anderson; Laura Johnson; Conspiracies; Cecil Williams; International Hotel; Audio; Fielding M. McGehee III
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