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Interview with Peter Neumeyer Ph.D., 2010

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Interview with Peter Neumeyer Ph.D., 2010
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Interviewer: Resnik, Susan
An oral history conducted by Susan Resnik, Ph.D. with former San Diego State University Professor Peter Neumeyer on April 12th and 14th, 2010.

Neumeyer came to San Diego State University in 1978. At SDSU, he developed what has become the largest children's literature program in North America. Neumeyer has published extensively on children's literature topics, especially E.B. White, including The Annotated Charlotte's Web.

Outside of academia, Neumeyer collaborated with illustrator and friend Edward Gorey on three books, the Donald and the... series. He is also a poet, and has published numerous poems in literary journals. After retirement from SDSU in 1993, Neumeyer became a prolific reviewer of children's books for various publications. In 2005, he received the Children's Literature Association's Anne Deveraux Jordan Award for his contributions to the field.

In his oral history, Neumeyer focuses on his early childhood in Germany, and later Oakland, California. Of particular interest are his remembrances of growing up Jewish in Nazi Germany. He also reflects on his education at Berkeley and his professorships at Harvard, Stony Brook, and West Virginia. The second half of his oral history documents his time at San Diego State, the genesis of the children's literature program, the Green Tiger Press, and Neumeyer's contributions to children's literature, including his collaboration with Edward Gorey.

This oral history was made possible by a grant from the John and Jane Adams Endowment for the Humanities and is part of the University Archives Multimedia Files Collection.
Peter Neumeyer; Susan Resnik; Oral Histories; Interviews; Daniel Neumeyer; Nazi Germany; Edward Gorey; Helen Neumeyer; State University of New York at Stony Brook; West Virginia University; Quint Buchholz; Christopher Newmeyer; George McKenzie Award; Aurelia Henry Reinhardt; Darius Milhaud; Institute for International Law (University of Munich); Karl Neumeyer; Anna Neumeyer; Oxidant (magazine); Hitler Youth; Fritz Neumeyer; Marianne Schnitger Weber; Kindertransport; Hidden Villa Ranch; Duvanek School; Josephine Duvanek; Toby Lawson; Dave McElhatton; Ann Cochran; Joan Mallory; Daniel Milhaud; Larry Sears; Willard Farnham; John Donne; Patricia Meyer Spacks; Ian Watt; Jonas Barish; Frederick C. Crews; Howard Hugo; Alain Renoir; Hal Martin; Larry Benson; Al Sennett; David Swanger; Zachary Neumeyer; Max Bluestone; Wayne O'Neill; Francelia Butler; Peter Rabbit (book); Vladimir Propp; Beowulf; Irving Ribner; Amy Neumeyer; Max Neumeyer; Joseph Neumeyer; Elise Neumeyer; Robbie Neumeyer
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